VECTAN powders cover all the applications of pistol and rifle reloading and are proposed in four different ranges :

VECTAN Ba10, Ba9 1/2, Ba9, Ba7 1/2, Ba6 1/2

Powders single base in stick. This range is now completed with Ba9 1/2, Ba7 1/2 and Ba6 1/2.

This range is particularly adapted for handgun reloading. All the powders of this range are absolutely clean burning and have now the same dimension.

Ba9 1/2 : this new powder between our traditional Ba10 and Ba9 covers a wide range of calibers and is perfectly adapted to the 9 x 19mm, .38 Super Auto, .38 Special, .357 Mag., .40S&W, .44S&W Special, .44 Remington Magnum, .45ACP, .45 Colt

Ba7 1/2 : created to extend reloading possibilities. It gives excellent results for 9mm Luger, 10mm Auto, and .45ACP

Ba6 1/2 : it is the slowest powder of this range. It was specially designed for handguns Magnum ; it is also perfectly adapted to reload small rifle calibers such as .22 HORNET and .30 calibers.

  •  Ba10

  • Ba 9 1/2

  •  Ba 9

  •  Ba 7 1/2

  •  Ba 6 1/2

VECTAN Tubal 3000, 5000, 7000, 8000

Tubular, single base powders, listed here above by decreasing burning rate order from the fastest to the slowest. Vectan Tubal  powders are designed for rifles.

  •   Tubal 3000

  •   Tubal 5000

  •   Tubal 7000

  •   Tubal 8000


VECTAN Sp 2, Sp 3, Sp 7, Sp 8, Sp 9, Sp 10, Sp 11, Sp 12, Sp 13

All the powders of this range are spherical or flattened grain double base powders. They are intended for handgun for the fastest types and for rifle for the slowest types.



Single base flake powders with color identification, intended for handgun use and some rifle applications.


  •  AS

  •  A0