AB Accu Bond JSP Jacketed Soft Point SPBT Soft Point Boat Tail
AF A Frame JSWC Jacketed Semi-Wadcutter SPH Soft Point Hornet
A-Max Hornady Match KSPB Keith Style Pistol Bullet SPHJ Soft Point Heavy Jacket
BB Broad Base LBBWC Lead Conical Nose SPSX Spire Point Super Explosive
BK Blitz King (L) Lead SS Semi-Spitzer
BND Bonded LCN Lead Flat Nose SSP Single Shot Pistol
BND-S Banded Solid LFNGC Long Flat Gas Check SPT Spitzer
BR Bench Rest LFNPB Long Flat Nose Plane Base SPT-V Spitzer Varmint
BS Ballistic Silver Tip FFN Lead Flat Nose Plain Base SST Super Shock Tip
BT Ballistic Tip LFNPB Lead Flat Point ST Silvertip
BTT Boat Tail Spire Point LFP Lead Flat Point SX Super Explosive
DBB Double Bevel Base LHBWC Lead Hollow Base Wadcutter SWC Semi-Wadcutter
CT Combined Technologies LRN Lead Round Nose TAC-XP Tactical Bullet M/LE
DEWC Double End Wadcutter LTB Lenght Tolerant Bullet TC Truncated Cone
FBHP-V Flat Base LSWC Lead semi-Wadcutter TMJ Totally Metall Jacket
FBHP-V Flat Base Hollow Point Varmint (M) Moly Coated TNT Varmint Bullet
FMC Full Metall Case Match-V Match Varmint TSX Triple Shock X Bullet
FMJ Full Metall Jacket MC Metall Case T-TSX Tipped TSX
FMJBT Full Metall Jacket Boat Tail MK Match King VAR Varminator
FN Flat Nose MRX Maximum Range X Bullet VG Varmint Grenade
FP Flat Point MT-SP Mag Tip Soft Point VLD Very Low Drag
FPJ Full Plated Jacket NTP Narrow Taper Point V-MAX Varmint Express
FS Fail Safe PART Partition VNE Varmint Nightmare Extreme
GC Gas Check PLF Plated Lead Free WC Wadcutter
GD Gold Dot Soft Point PRO-H Pro-Hunter WFN Wide Flat Nose
GK Game King PSPCL Pointed Soft Point "Core-Lokt" WLCPP Weldcore Protected Point
GS Grand Slam RHFP Reduced Hazard Flat Point WLN Wide Long Nose
HB Hollow Base RN Round Nose WNGC Wide Nose Gas Check
HC Hollow Cacity RNDS Round Nose Double Strike WTP Wide taper Point
HP Hollow Point RS Radiused Shoulder W/GC With Gas Check
HPBT Hollow Point Boat Tail SB Solid Base X X Bullet
HSP Hollow Soft Point SBT Spitzer Boat Tail XBT X Boat Tail
IB Inter Bond SCIR Scirocco XBTC X Boat Tail Coated
INTK Interlock SGG Single Grease Groove XFB X Flat Base
JFP Jacketed Flat Point SJ Short Jacket XPB X Pistol Bullet
JHC Jacketed Hollow Cavity SLD Solid XTP Extreme Terminal Performance
JHP Jacleted Hollow Point SMP Semi-Point    
JRN Jacketed Round Nose SP Soft Point, Spitzer, Spire Point    
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